unwind as a cure for insomnia

unwind CD cover

unwind CD cover

I released unwind, my sixth CD and first solo piano CD, in January of 2005. I wish I could say that I was responsible for making a Conscious decision to release a solo piano CD in the first place, but I see it as a series of accidents. I would love to say that this was all part of my Master Plan. Truth be known, my larger than life peace mission, and the formulation of my Master Plan was the result of the CD.

It all started when I was rehearsing with Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers at Rosie’s Lounge Studios in Middletown, NY. Pucho was getting ready for his tour to Athens, Greece I believe, and we needed to go over some new material. During a break, I was noodling around on the piano, a 6 foot Kawai. I didn’t know it at the time, but Paul Hirsch, the owner and engineer of Rosie’s Lounge Studios, was recording me. When I was done, he said, “hey, check this out.” He told me to sit down between the near-field monitors, and he played back what he had just recorded. I was amazed and very happy with the piano sound, and what I was playing. I said, “wow, I should really do a solo piano CD.” He said, “yeah, you should. Call me and we’ll make it happen.” And so, that was the push I needed.

About a month or so later, I called Paul up and we set up some dates. I had this idea that I would be recording some of my jazz tunes. I worked on a few of them and thought I knew what I was going to record. When I finally got to the studio, I was ready. So, we got down to recording. Unfortunately, nothing that I brought to the session was working. And I kept hearing the beautiful sound Paul was getting out of the Kawai. So, after failing to get any of my tunes down, I started going in a completely new direction. I threw out all my preconceived ideas of what I was trying to record. And something miraculous happened. Everything slowed down and simplified, and I soon had some music down that was totally different from anything I had ever done before. And it reflected my inner peace and general state of well-being. What is really weird is that my life outside the studio was anything but peaceful and relaxed. What I realized was that the studio, and connecting with the sounds of the piano and this new music was my sanctuary. I found my inner peace in the music and was able to capture that feeling.

I think I ended up doing six or eight different sessions over a period of three or four months. During that time, I was listening to what I had recorded and was very pleased with the results. Paul was also listening. One day, he told me that he was using the music to to help him go to sleep. That intrigued me. He said it relaxed him. That was the first time hat I had heard that the music from unwind could help someone sleep. Since the CD was released three years ago, I have had many people tell me that they use the CD to help them go to sleep. There are probably some artists who might resent that their music puts people to sleep. Not me. I think it’s fantastic. I know that there is a very strong relaxing component. I don’t think it’s true of my second solo piano CD, Peace Revolution!

See for yourself. The next time you are having trouble sleeping,  go here:  http://www.louislandon.com/cd/unwind.php where you can hear the entire CD streamed. I will be very surprised if you can make it to the end of the CD without falling asleep. I am looking forward to hearing from you and your experience with the music as a way of curing your insomnia, so please comment here.  I thank you in advance and wish you love and peace always and everywhere.

p.s. please don’t listen to unwind while driving. 😉


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2 responses to “unwind as a cure for insomnia

  1. Tonks Akina

    This music takes me to dreamland. Even if I am not sleeping, it makes me dream :). Louis’ music transports me. It’s healing. It’s inspiring. It’s soothing. I love it.

  2. Anestassia Constantine

    I’ve been to several of your concerts within second life. Your music is very inspiring and soothing. I believe that music is the gateway to ones soul. Thank you for sharing your unbelievable talent in-world with us in second life.

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