Christmas Day 2008- a song and more

It’s Christmas Day. So far it’s been wonderful. We opened presents at around 10:30 am. Then my older daughter and my wife made crepes for breakfast. My younger daughter really wanted to work on a Disney song that she has been practicing. She asked me if I would record it with her. I am so conditioned to say “no” when my wife or daughters ask me to do something because my work, which never seems to end, is all consuming. Workaholic? Guilty. I love what I do, what can I say? So, my immediate response when asked to record was a quick “no.” But right behind that “no” came a resounding “yes.” I had to do this for her. So, I closed the top of my laptop and ran upstairs and said, “Let’s do it.”

I swear I’m not saying this because she’s my daughter, for the first “real” recording session of her life, she did amazingly well. We had to do some “punching in,” in some sections of the song where the vocals weren’t that strong. She sang along with the old track and I punched her in and out with no problem. She told me that she wanted to sing this song as a Christmas present to “Manna” and “Panna,” what both my daughters have called my parents since my older one had come up with that name about 16 years ago.

I hope you like the song.

A Song on Christms Day.mp3

love and peace always and everywhere~

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  1. Gregbear Bagration

    Hey Louis i am happy that you are having a wonderful christmas and i wanted to say the same to you and yours

    ps tell your daughter that she has a wonderful voice and i am sure she would be a hit in second life if she was to gig with you or on her own!



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