Alpha Inventions – very cool

I just noticed that I got hits to my blog from  I was thinking, “who ARE these people?” So I went to to see what was up. Someone named Cheru Jackson has invented a site that brings up someone’s blog as soon as it is published. That explains how today, when I had published my blog and then realized I had some tweaking to do, before I was able to get back in and edit, someone had already responded to the song that I had posted. It was kind of shocking. That will teach me to make sure I’m happy with what I have before I publish it.  I didn’t even go to twitter or facebook to say it was up and boom, I got hit.  I did like the immediacy of it. Some people on the site commented that they got tons of hits. I didn’t get tons, but I definitely got some hits. So, thanks Cheru and keep up the good work.

love and peace always and everywhere~

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