Online Community Supported Prelude to Peace

I live in a suburb of New York. I don’t really know any of my neighbors well. I have very little connection with the people in my physical community. The connection that I lack in my own community, I have found online. It feeds me in so many ways. It keeps me connected to what is happening in the world, and it keeps me in close contact with many people who I can have real relationships with and who I care about. It is also helping me find new fans of my music and my mission. My mission is to create a peaceful world by writing, recording, and performing music from the heart.

This piece is about how my online community supported a concert series called “Prelude to Peace,” concerts that were very important to me. Featuring Stanton Lanier and Dana Cunningham, two other pianists for peace, we performed 4 concerts in the Washington, D.C. area. There was also an unofficial fifth concert at the International Student House that Dana and I performed. What was amazing to me was the power of my internet community. I had people at every one of our concerts who were online friends or fans. I am not talking about major numbers, but I see the direction that online social networking is going for me and I like what I see happening. It makes it possible for an indie recording artists, such as myself, to go into a new city or town and have an audience. I am really only at the beginning of this journey. But I really believe that as I continue to utilize all the social networks available, and connect it with my blog and my website, things will continue to move in a more positive direction. I believe that I can have the kind of strong fan base that indie artists used to find impossible. My connection with my fans is very strong and very real.

Poster from one of the Prelude to Peace concerts
Poster from one of the Prelude to Peace concerts

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