Loved my Cali Tour!

For those of you who came out to hear me and support live music, a big thank you. For those who didn’t, hope you will next time. Had the best tour. Would have liked better concert attendance, however, it could be the sign of the times.

In the Bay area I got to see friends, fans,  and family as well as spend an afternoon hiking around Mt. Tamalpais. The weather was perfect: in the 60’s with crystal clear blue skies and plenty of sun.

The weather in LA was crystal clear blue skies and anywhere from 80 to 88! I was missing single digits in New York. No complatins there. Got to see more friends and family. Had two days at the NAMM show where I was able to play a lot of pianos, see a lot of gear, and spend time with other Whisperings artists. Final concert in Tustin ended with a standing ovation, sending me home with renewed energy and focus. My mission has changed: I wish to create a more loving and peaceful world by writing, recording, and performing music from the heart.
love and peace always and everywhere~
p.s. if you are not already a fan of mine on facebook, please go to my band page.

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