Thoughts on the Music Industry

I would say that the industry is dying a slow death. But hey, compared to the way the securities and banking industries have just been trashed, they look good in comparison. Nevertheless, they are dying. And they are dying because they didn’t want to adapt to change. Instead of figuring out a way to stay involved with the whole business of an artist and how he connects with his/her fans, they stayed with this CD or product idea. With mp3s flying all over the internet, and some artists giving their CDs away FREE, the value of recordings has come down. And that is as it should be. The value now, is in the concert experience, the artist(s) and peripheral media, not to mention products built around the artist’s brand. If the music industry had concerned itself more with their artists, their fans, and what the music was doing for those fans, and not their bottom line, they would been able to work around the devalued recorded object, be it CD or mp3 or whatever is next. So, they blew it. They had their day. And now indie artists and musicians, such as myself, are getting our day. And we can seek out and find our own fans on social networks and in virtual communities. And we can be on Pandora and people can sample our music for free and get to know us. They can read our blogs. So we don’t need radio. And, by the way, newspapers are also dying, in case you haven’t noticed. We don’t them either. Yes, things have changed. And although I am not thrilled with the current economic crisis, I am very happy about my possibilities as a creative artist. It might be possible for the music industry to reinvent itself, but they would have to think way outside the box for that to happen. My feeling is that music and the corporate mentality are mutually exclusive.


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3 responses to “Thoughts on the Music Industry

  1. pianotrendsmusic

    Hey Louis, first of all you are one of the good guys in this industry. Positive thinkers who just won’t give up will be the survivers and thrivers of this current economic downturn. Be kind to your neighbor is even more important today than it ever was. Music and Life are a connection that helps people cope. Keep on playing. Your friend,
    PS I just added a new video clip of you from the namm show at htpp://

  2. Thanks for the great music. I just discovered your music on Pandora, and I love it.
    Thanks for having a blog, too. I love following musician blogs, and solo pianist blogs are hard to come by.

    I know what you mean with the music industry. I am also an independent solo pianist, and I fully agree that the music industry is changing. I also agree that it is a blessing to musicians, since it is getting more musicians to go independent, allowing them to connect more intimately with fans.

    Anyway, I’m excited to follow your blog.


    – Chas

    • Hi Chas, Glad you discovered my music on Pandora. That’s a really cool radio station. Also glad you appreciate this blog. It’s new for me. Thanks for following my blog too. I really appreciate it. Nice to know another solo pianist.
      love and peace always and everywhere~

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