Thankful – a moment of serious reflection

As the Dow slides into the black depths of depression chilled water, not unlike the Titanic, and jobs disappear like like rabbits out of magician’s hat, I sit back in my chair, satiated from a dinner that I purchased for myself, my daughter, and her boyfriend, at the local Chinese take-out, and consider how lucky I am to be alive in such interesting times.  The world economy may never be the same and I think about how this might be a good thing. The unchecked growth of capitalist greed has been temporarily robbed of its forward motion, and is in fact, retreating in haste to lick its wounds and regroup. The United States will never be the same. Suddenly ideas such as responsible sustainability and nationalized banks are being discussed. It’s all happening so fast. Most importantly people are afraid in a way that is much more real than fear of terrorism. Now there is real fear that can touch everyone.  Fear of losing one’s job. Fear of being unable to pay bills. Fear of not being able to eat. Fear of death. And it’s really the fear of death where so many of our fears take root.

I am ready to die. I have lived a blessed life. I have a few things I need to hash out with God, but I’m sure I’ll get my opportunity. Or at least I’d like to believe that I will. Because really, the most important thing one can do before one dies is to accept everything that one has been given and be thankful and accepting of God’s will. My definition of God is very open. I’m a big God believer as well as a believer in all of God’s children. Particularly the ones that have tried to teach God’s word here on the physical plane: Jesus, Muhammed, Moses, Abraham, Buddha, Krishna, and a number of other fully Conscious beings throughout history who have understood the Truth and experienced Higher Consciousness while doing God’s work.

Ah, High Consciousness. What is it? How is it experienced? So difficult to put into words because it is beyond words. However, said simply, it is the ability to be Awake and fully in the moment with a sense of one’s Higher Self. Again, I am thankful to remember that I am trying to be present in this moment. But I am sure to forget sometime before I finish writing this blog entry. See, it just happened. I forgot. The good news is that I just caught my self and I can be present again. Here one second, gone the next. And that’s kind of true of our lives. In the grand scheme of things, and say, comparing a year of our time to one breath of the earth (a great book by Rodney Collin about the relationship of things in the universe) we are here for a very short period of time. Before we know it, our lives are over. Of course, I could talk about our perception of time here, but I think I will leave that for another day.

Peace ☮ Love ♥ & Light ☼

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  1. Sheila Davis

    You have a lot to say……. what you’ve said is very intersting and true and I might add is that I believe that God is trying to tell us all that we need to be on 1 accord and get our lives in order and that all should be humble and meek,not only is the poor feeling what’s going on but the rich as well.

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