To Blog or Not to Blog…

I set up this blog to write about what’s going on in my life in more words than just a status update. Unfortunately, my days and night have been jam packed with life and business. Take Thursday, for example. Had to pick up my daughter at college in Massachusetts. Including traffic, that was about an 8 hour expedition. I must say though, we had one of the best rides together. Feeling very close to her right now after going through a pretty rough patch. She’s really enjoying college and is happy with her life right now. All good stuff with her and for her.

Then there is the fact that I am supposed to be receiving my new CDs on Monday. Putting the new CD together was a labor of love, but it was a tremendous time and energy drain. As I believe the CD is destined to go the way of the dinosaurs in the not-too-distant future, I am truly considering this to be my last full blown production with CD packaging and everything. From here on in, my CDs will be mostly available as downloads, and will make up CDs on demand for radio promotion and for live gigs. I am also considering making CD-Rs available that will contain all my music in high quality mp3 form. I think I could get almost all of my CDs on one CD-R that way.

Been probably spending too much time on twitter and facebook. However, I have met some amazing people and I have also connected with people who will most likely be coming to my concerts in Atlanta, Clearwater, and Saratoga. So, I do believe it is time not wasted. I have learned so much about blogging and marketing on twitter. I have also made a number of new fans and my last check from CD Baby, in terms of downloads, was decent and I attribute that to a lot of the new fans I have made on facebook and twitter. All good stuff.

Very excited about some upcoming concerts. It looks like I will be performing two concerts with David Lanz on July 17 & 18 in Seattle and Bellingham. Very excited about that as David is one of the finest pianists of the solo piano instrumental genre. One of the concerts will even have two pianos side by side where we will probably do some four hand two piano jams. Love when that happens. Should be great. More info to come about that in future blogs and tweets.

I feel better now after just sitting down and getting this blog out. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed my effort here. I would appreciate it greatly.

love and peace always and everywhere~


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11 responses to “To Blog or Not to Blog…

  1. You write well about your life. Think the effort is usually worth it myself! 🙂

  2. Great blog, Louis.

    I’m really jealous of anyone who can get to your concerts. If you’re ever down here in Australia, let me know. If you get to do a concert in Melbourne, I’ll be in the front row.


    Brittany K.

  3. Kylie

    I love four hand two piano jams… wish I could come to one of your concerts or even jam with you someday….:-) You are a busy man. I like reading about your goings on…..I write in a journal everyday, old fashion paper and pencil! I like writing about what I do and what happens in my life. You are a great blogger….never stop!

    • Wish you could make that Seattle concert. It’s going to be great. Hey, remember about house concerts. You find the nice house with the nice grand piano and I’m there. Glad to hear you write every day. I used to do that. Kept it up for about 18 years. Then things changed and I stopped. No plans on stopping the blog though. Thanks for the comment and the encouragement.
      love and peace,

  4. The best part of all that was – you spent some unhurried time with your daughter. My kids are grown and I miss the hours we used to spend in the car or just “doing stuff” around the house and yard.

    Good talk comes naturally when you’re just “being” instead of calling for a reason or trying to “visit.”

    I wish you the same fun when you take her back after the break…

  5. Dorothy

    Hey Louis, I enjoy reading your blog very much! It’s always nice to know what you’re busy with, especially when I’m on the other side of the planet 🙂 look forward to seeing you perform in Hong Kong 😉

  6. Love your blog!

    I do know the feeling of not enough time to blog. Somehow I’ve become a blogaholic, because I’ve got three active blog/podcasts, and I’m getting ready to start another with some associates soon. What is it about blogging that feels so good?

    Anyway, thanks for your blog. I enjoy it a lot.

    – Chas

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