Thank You Joe at Piano Haven Studios

I met Joe Bongiorno at the NAMM show, January 2008. Being a fellow Whisperings artist, along with Joe Yamada, we all ended up rooming together in a hotel suite. Never having met both Joes before, I figured, I would take my chances and hope that I would have a good time. As it turns out, we all became fast friends and had some serious male bonding going on over the four days we were there. What came out of that chance connection was a Whisperings concert in Seattle the following August. I was telling Joe that I was doing these “Improvs for Peace” and that I was thinking about recording an album of improvs. He told me about his Kawai RX-7, and said that I should record it at his studio when I came out to play the concert. We played our Whisperings concert and then I took about 1 1/2 days to record. His piano was perfect and so was the atmosphere and the recording quality. I’m not sure I could have had such a relaxed session in any other studio. To be able to improvise an entire CD required just the right state of mind, and I was able to achieve that at Piano Haven Studios. As it turned out, after some feedback from David Nevue and my co-producer Eric Tingstad, I had to fly back for another session because I needed just a few more tunes. Again, the magic struck. Came up with some really nice music. The name of the new CD is Solo Piano for Peace This is, by far, the best of my three solo piano CDs in terms of the music and the recording. I am extremely happy with the results and look forward to getting this music out into the world. I just got my CDs delivered yesterday! Yay! If the people who listen to my music feel the feelings I had while making the music, I will be on my way of achieving my mission of creating a peaceful world, one listener at a time. Thank you Joe for making it possible for me to realize my mission in the form of this recording. Your friendship and generosity are greatly appreciated.
love and peace always and everywhere~

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