Positive Gig and Life Attitudes

I keep starting blog posts and not finishing them. It’s been so long since I checked in here.  I am determined to blast past this block right now. It’s funny, I don’t have the same difficulty with music.  I can come up with a new piece of music at any time. In fact, going to post a new Improv for Peace tonight, number #108. Wow, that’s a lot of Improvs.

I think I will just write about what has been going on with me lately. Been busy with work. The gigs have certainly picked up, and that’s a relief after a long cold winter. Granted, I did put my new Solo Piano for Peace CD together, so I spent my down time well. Now that I’m back to a decent amount of gigging, I have noticed that my attitude has changed in relation to gigs. I am going into the less artistic gigs with a positive attitude that I will still have fun playing music. I’ve been very successful with this idea. It leads me to believe that attitude and one’s state of consciousness in any given moment, is the key to all happiness, not just gig happiness.  I also found that there is a delicate balance between acceptance and making efforts to make things better. Being thankful and appreciative of what one is given is a big step towards a positive feeling of well being. And it is possible to accept where one is while still making efforts to be even more conscious and awake to what is happening at any given moment.

I know that I keep harping on this awareness of the moment. That is because I see the present moment as the key to Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment. Bringing attention to the moment is a starting point for so many possibilities. When I am where I am, not lost in the past or the future, everything is perfect. Even negative experiences take on new meaning in the face of clear presence to them.

So, I would ask you to remind me whenever you can, to be where I am, and if you’d like, I will remind you as well.

I wish you love and peace always and everywhere…and especially right now, as you read these words.

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  1. Great post. I agree. Build up too many “tomorrows” and you’ll have a lot of empty yesterdays. I’m all for preparing for and investing in the future, but we have to live in the present.

    – Chas

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