Concerts in July and More…

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I sat down and wrote a blog entry. I have had things to write about, but nothing could stop my momentum. I’ve been really busy. I did my a triple gig this past Saturday, which was really biting off more than I could chew, but I went for it. After all, I’ve only had two other triples in my life, and I’m someone who likes to work. What can I say, I like playing music. Anyway, what I’m really thinking about are the wonderful concerts I have coming up in July.

On Friday, July 10th, I’m doing a concert at the Cape Cod Conservatory with Gary Girouard. For info about it, here is the link. The following week I head for my Portland/Seattle/Bellingham mini-tour. I’m not actually playing in Portland. I land in Portland and then drive to Eugene to visit my cousin, her husband, and my aunt. I will also be playing my return engagement at Kathy Parson’s house on Wednesday, July 15th. I love Kathy’s house concerts because I love her, her house, and her piano. She has a beautiful Yamaha that is a joy to play on and the acoustics in her living room are super good. On Thursday, I drive back to Portland and then fly up to Seattle. On Friday night I head up for a very special concert with David Lanz at The Amadeus Project. I say that it’s very special for a few reasons. One reason it that this will be my first concert with David Lanz, a pianist who is really at the very top of the genre that I now play in. Also, this concert will be in David’s hometown of Bellingham, a beautiful little city about an hour north of Seattle. What is especially cool is that the concert room at The Amadeus Center has two grand pianos and we will be doing some two piano improvs at the end of the show. That should be so much fun. Really looking forward to that. And David and I are both donating money from the concert. I will be donating to The Amadeus Project and David will be donating to Sustainable Connections. If you know anyone in the Bellingham area, this is a concert not to be missed. The following night, on Saturday, July 18th, I will be playing with David Lanz again at my good friend, and fellow Whisperings artist, Joe Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Studio House Concert Series. This concert will be recorded on the same piano that I recorded Solo Piano for Peace. I am hoping for a live CD if I get lucky with my performance. We’ll see how it goes. Nothing planned for Sunday and I return to New York on Monday. The following Wednesday, the 22nd of July, I am doing a Solo Piano for Peace concert at the Crawford Library in Monticello.

I am extremely happy with 5 solo piano concerts for the month of July. Plenty of other gigs as well, but nothing worth mentioning. Just the usual musician in the trenches kind of gigs. Baby needs a new pair of shoes. Thank God one of my babies is 20 years old and the other is turning 18 in a week. Babies may be cute, but I’ll take teenagers over babies any time. I know there are plenty of people who would think I’m crazy for saying that, (and they would be right) but the baby years gave us 4 years of sleep deprivation, two cases of whooping cough, asthma, and ear infections, to name a few things. Glad those years are long gone. Now will ya just look at what happens when I say a simple phrase like “baby needs a new pair of shoes”?

New Improv for Peace, #112, coming tonight.
love and peace~

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  1. Gabrielle Gervasi

    Hi Louis:) I am very excited to learn you will be coming to Michigan. Steinway is half a mile from our house. I would offer you a place to sleep except our spare bedroom is a TV room! LOL….not set up for company. We are very unsocial…..perhaps we can change things. Although you most likely already have plans. Anyway, I cannot wait to hear you perform in person! Thank you for coming to Michigan. I now need to send out invitations!

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