flying and other musings from a solo pianist for peace

Sitting at the airport, waiting to board a plane to Los Angeles. Really looking forward to my concerts at Soul at Home in Tustin, CA at the Henrietta Weill Child Guidance Foudation in Bakersfield, CA and the NAMM show. However, I am not a happy flier any more. I used to be. I used to love to fly. I was lucky as a kid. My father was an entertainer and I flew around the country to some of his gigs and even was lucky enough to fly to Sweden and England when I was young. I love seeing the world. I’ve also had the good fortune of touring all over the world playing music for many different countries around the world and with musiciana from around the world. It gives me such a better perspective on the way the world works and helps me to be less isolated as an American. One of my complaints about Americans in general, is that some Americans never leave States. They never get to experience all of the other cultures and ways that people live. It isolates Americans and makes them mistrustful of other cultures and ways of life. I also believe it makes it more possible to divorce their feelings about killing other humans on the planet precisely because they have never met them face to face. Had meals with them. Learned about their lives and their families. It’s easier to wage a war against people that have been demonized by the media. I am not letting all people off the hook here. There are bad people out there who should be stopped in their mission to kill innocent people. That being said, the war on terror is a war that can never be won. The more you fight it, the more terrorists will be created. And one thing that really bothers me, I thought that by knowing history, we would learn from our mistakes. Not so. The French, the British, and most recently the Soviets, all failed to “win” the war in Afghanistan. I am so against this war. It is Viet Nam all over again. Where is the outrage? Where are the people in the streets saying stop this madness. You know where they are? They are uninformed by corporate media and they are working so hard just to find a job or pay their bills. It is a very sad state of affairs.

All the above being said, I am very optimistic about the future personally. How can this be true? Because I do what I can to speak my truth and spread the word of peace and hope that sanity and not killing will prevail.

You know something, the above is not political. I have stepped out of politics. Both sides are pathetically locked in a battle in which nothing real every changes. The super wealthy who are pulling all the strings on policy are still in control and getting richer as the average American is working harder and getting poorer. This can’t go on forever. They will be a breaking point.

Also, the bailout was the biggest shift of wealth, and in my opinion, the biggest theft of the American taxpayer in the history of America. It’s amazing that people aren’t completely outraged.

I am outraged. And yet I see that I am powerless. I vote. And it has accomplished nothing. Speaking my truth and playing my peaceful solo piano music, I believe, will have more power to change people than any political involvement. I intend to create a peaceful world one listener at a time. It’s my mission: to create a peaceful world by writing, performing, and recording music form the heart.

if you have gotten this far in my musings, then I thank you and wish you love and peace – joy and happiness.



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8 responses to “flying and other musings from a solo pianist for peace

  1. Nalora

    I was a “peacenik” back in the 60’s. A runaway “hippie chick” who left home at age 12 to escape an abusive father and to join many of my friends, who were much older than me, to fight the war in Vietnam. That is how I found myself, at age 14, on the steps of the capitol, talking with the president of the United States.

    In 1974, I lost my innocence and my belief that “Despite Everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” as Anne Frank said, when I was brutally raped and my best friend was murdered in front of my eyes.

    There is evil in this world. And there are people who believe with the same fervent faith that I believe in Jesus Christ, that to kill me and the rest of Western Civilization is the path to salvation. And, with the same unswerving faith I have, they will martyr themselves to this end, and no amount of “talk of peace and understanding” will deter them, EVER. This is the essence of the war we are in now.

    There will be no peace until the Prince of Peace returns. So my prayer is now Maranatha! Come quickly.

    • Thanks for your comment Nalora. While, I agree to disagree with your opinion of the essence of the war that we are involved in now, I appreciate and respect your beliefs and point of view.

  2. The beauty of the virtual communities is to bring a sense of other cultures to many…remember some Europeans and other Non-americans never leave their country either;)

    • Good point. However, I think that Europeans have a better sense of the world than most Americans. I also believe that their media isn’t as tainted as the corporate American media and that some “truthful” reporting still gets through. By truthful less corporate biased assessment of what is really happening and why.

  3. Barbara Cash

    Love your musings Louis…I feel the same way.I have passed the torch as far as politics are concerned. Now days I play my piano and write soft, moving and peaceful music for my soul and hopefully to spread calm peaceful feelings to others.
    After hearing you play last April in Atlanta I went back to my music. I am a Reg. Nurse and mother of three. Now I am retired and my children are grown and I have all the time in the world for my music. Thanks to you for spreading such beautiful peaceful music. You inspired me . We can change the world through music…..Peace

  4. My new website is under construction !!!! Read your musings~ Yes I got that far on your musings … reflecting on some of your writing . I feel the way you do now about flying..In so many levels the maintenence of the plane ,cause if I didn’t do it, did it get done !!! Also about checking in now I usually go about my day not thinking to much of what happened….However when you are taking off your shoes and doing the strip down pc’s jackets camera bags in all those trays etc… Make you realize what happened !!! I saw a man as I was waiting for a flight and definitely from a part of a country that we question. He was sitting on a floor on his PC was he on with people getting coordinates ? or was he facebooking a friend ? I was contemplating not getting on the flight … He looked up at me as I was looking at him and then I pretended not to be looking .He probably thought She is thinking I am a terrorist .or was he thinking …Her throat will be the first I slit !!! Or why is the lady looking at me am I not in style ???? Could have been a college student finishing up a paper ,with a time frame like we all have . Keep doing what your are doing . Love your music .You were raised right .If only more people were like this . I also feel this way about my healing arts Wonder if” (what’s his face”) would have done any of his shit if he just had a good massage !!! So from now on while living in the” NOW “of the airport keep creating and being beautiful, cause that is what you do .Love ,peace joy and happiness back at ya !!! Donna .. You all have a great time at Namm and want to see some footage of your Concert . Tell Gary Girouard I said “hello”

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