thoughts from a Saturday night gig…

Sat. Feb. 6th 8:00 pm

I am sitting at my keyboard, waiting for the band to set up and sound check. Another gig on the front lines. A gig I really had to think about taking. Money was okay, but not great. Gig had potentially redeeming qualities musically. I was planning a nice evening at home, writing, organizing, relaxing, with no particular thing that I had to do. So, at first I balked. But then I made the call back and took the gig. Who am I to turn down a gig? While so many people are out of work and suffering the effects of a terrible economy, I got a call for a gig playing music. So, here I am at Yonkers Raceway, waiting for a sound check.

This place is jumping. So many people wanting to throw their money away for the dream of hitting it big. Kind of sad. I don’t have any judgement about people gambling. I’ve played some black jack and slots in my life. It was entertaining. But sitting at a video terminal for hours? Nope, not for me. Just think of what it would be like if these people were spending their time doing something culturally enriching? Or if they were using the time to further their education? Then again, it is Saturday night. Perhaps these people have worked hard all week and need to do something mindless and mind numbing? Different strokes for different folks.

I’m actually glad that I got out of my place tonight. I am playing with three players who I have never played with before. And judging by what I am hearing while we are getting ready for sound check, this is going to end up being a fun gig. And fun is certainly is underrated. I am all for having fun.

11:08 pm

Okay, this gig has been crazy fun so far. Damn, the band is smokin’! I’ve had a smile on my face the whole time. My face hurts. hehe So glad I took this gig. Still have 2 sets to go. More fun coming. Feeling very good tonight.

3:14 am

Just came home and wrote a new song that I’m very happy with. Going to get the lyrics in my computer and go to sleep.

The end…


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2 responses to “thoughts from a Saturday night gig…

  1. Monica

    Just , wow…….. in so many ways.

  2. Marilyn

    Isn’t that cool!? You listened to your inner knowledge and were rewarded with a fantastic joyful experience! Sounds like it was a real treat to play with those guys, so it was win-win all around. I am sure they appreciated you as well. Hooray for cosmic door-opening. Have a beautiful Sunday, Louis! Blessings and peace.

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