Timing is Everything

Yesterday, I had two instances of incredible timing. And I thought about how amazing it is the way some things are just meant to happen against all odds.

The first incident was about a package that expected from UPS. It was supposed to be delivered to the house, and I really wanted to be there to accept it, but I wasn’t able to be there as I had business elsewhere. At one point, I just decided to get in my car and go home, just to see if by some miracle it would be there (doubtful because it required a signature) or in case I ran into the UPS guy. About a block from my house I saw a UPS truck. I honked my horn, stopped my car, ran over to the truck and asked, “Did you just try to deliver a package up the street?” And he said yes. I told him my address and gave him my name, and he let me sign for it. It saved me a trip to UPS at night or the next day, and if I had gone there 5 minutes earlier, or five minutes later, I would have missed him and the package.

The second incident was when I went for a run at about 5pm. I like to go running at the Fellowship Community property which takes me back to Duryea Farms at the back of the property. The sun was setting and it was cloudy and amazingly beautiful. When I got to the farm, there were a few adults and about 4 children around a very pregnant cow. I ran by and ran down the road, but when I returned, a woman told me that the calf was due any minute if I wanted to stay and watch. I ran in place for about 5 minutes, and sure enough, I watched a calf come into the world. Seeing if from about 10 feet away was absolutely incredible to watch.

So, for me, yesterday was all about being in the right place at the right time. Felt very lucky and lucky to be alive.

love peace happiness~

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