June news and dates


Very excited about my latest solo piano CD. The music has been recorded and sequenced. All that needs to be done now is mastering and for the cover to be finished. It should come together by the middle of the month and will hopefully be on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital download spots by the end of June. My plan is to create CDs on demand, so if you really want a physical CD, let me know. I will also create some for radio promotion and for sale on gigs. My belief is that the day of of the physical CD is pretty much over.

Which brings me to my other project, “Faith in You.” Things have been moving along. All the rhythm tracks are done. Lead vocals and piano are done. There is a plan to add more B-3 (organ for you non-music folks) as well as some lead vocal doubling and some harmony parts. I am extremely happy with the music! Planning a September release. Benefactors will be contacted so that your names will be in the Special Thanks section. Your support has been amazing!

I now have a donate button on my website for the “Faith in You” project if you feel inspired to contribute financially to the project. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. I usually don’t make a big sales pitch in my news letter, but my preferred method of support would be for you to purchase CDs and/or sheet music.

The sheet music is available as e-book downloads and as hard copy spiral bound books. Check sheet music.

CDs can be purchased through my website and from these sites:



Thank you for your continued appreciation and support.
love peace happiness~


Happy to have gigs this month. Unfortunately, only two of them are public. For full schedule for availability check tour dates

Friday, June 18th FRIENDS 9pm – midnight – One of the few clubs/restaurants/bars that I continue to play. 272 Sgt Andrew Brucher Rd., White Lake, NY 12786 phone: 845.583.1050
check facebook page

Friday, June 25th, I will be playing with the Michael Jackson Quartet at the 1 McFarland Drive, Warwick, NY phone: 845-986-1047 for more info check library link

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