Reality Not Fantasy – review by Stephanie Trottier

Louis Landon’s ‘Reality Not Fantasy’ album

Stephanie Trottier
The 11-track album, Reality Not Fantasy, is the product of one talented pianist named Louis Landon. This pianist takes on an entirely new style compared to his previous albums by taking the role of pianist, singer, and melodica player on this album.

The songs on this album are extremely habit-forming. Seeing as how Landon started playing music at the age of five, it really should not be a surprise that this album is this good. The songs are so full of life and shows the emotions everyone feels at one point in his or her life.

Landon’s voice is incredibly soothing, and the different melodies and beats in each song really make this album a winner. Can I say Christmas present? Honestly, I definitely did not think this would be my type of music, considering his age (no offense). Reality Not Fantasy is astonishingly good. I cannot believe how much life Landon injects into his lyrics, voice, and the instrumentals. He is an incredible musician and I may have just become his newest fan.

Some of the songs on the track remind of the ‘80s, for some ungodly reason. They remind me of a sort of soft rock ballad with the instrumentals a little bit. The track the album is named for, “Reality Not Fantasy,” is a little haunting, but good nonetheless.

With so many delectable songs for my ears to devour, it is definitely a challenge choosing one that I completely adore. “I was searching for you all my life, someone just like you,” is a tiny snippet of a great song on the album called “I Found You.” I know, all those cynics of love are probably saying “that’s such a terrible line.” On the contrary, the way Landon creates his phrasing and the mere superior quality of his voice makes this my favorite song on the track. Come on, all of you cynics out there; give this album a chance despite the seemingly sappy lines.

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