Excellent and Getting Better All the Time

I do most of my shopping at the Hungry Hollow Food Coop in Chestnut Ridge. The Coop has lots of local organic food and is staffed by wonderful people. Jack, a friend of mine, and someone who works at the Coop, was checking me out one day and was telling me that someone he knew would always say, when asked how he were doing, that he was excellent and getting better all the time. I told him that I really liked that response and that I was going to use it. He told me to go for it. Was my life already changing for the better when I started using that phrase, or did my using that phrase help me transform my life to the wonderful life I am now living? It’s really hard to say. I do know that I love telling people that I am excellent and getting better all the time. It is true. And it is also true that the more that I say these words, the more it perpetuates all the goodness that is happening to me these days. Positivity begets positivity. I choose to live a joyous, loving, peaceful and creative life. I am also working hard to carry out my mission of creating a more loving and peaceful world by writing, recording And performing music from the heart.

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