The NAMM show and more…

This year, we broke the “Whisperings artists in one place record” at NAMM show with 14 Whisperings artists showing up in sunny Anaheim, California. We have been very lucky with the weather so far. When we are at NAMM, it’s usually sunny and warm. It has become something of an annual Whisperings event and I highly recommend it.

Our NAMM routine: we arrive on Thursday and usually try to get in some NAMM time that afternoon. Thursday and Friday seem to be a little calmer than the weekend. We usually get together at Gary Girard’s Galileo booth for a photo op and hang in the late afternoon. Then, on Thursday night, we all go out to eat at a King Harbor Seafood Restaurant, a wonderful Chinese restaurant that we have gone to for the past four years. Great food and great fun. After that, we go back to the hotel and hang out for more good times with Joe Yamada, our resident DJ.

Friday is usually more afternoon NAMM time. We all love to check out all the pianos, keyboards, sounds, software, hardware and whatever. If you are a gearhead, this is like one big toy store. We once took over 5 Kawai Shigeru pianos and played Pachebel’s Canon to the delight of the Kawai people and buyers a couple of years ago. The Fazioli booth is also a great attraction and when we are lucky enough to commandeer the 2 nine footers, we have been known to do a little jammin’. This can also happen at the Yamaha building or at the Bosendorfer booth.

We try to line up concerts for the weekend evenings or afternoons. I’m working on finding a new venue for next year and will be talking to different people about playing together. The Whisperings artists who attend the NAMM show have become good friends. When we hang out, we are like one big family. The connections and friendships that have come as a result of hanging at the NAMM show are meaningful and I feel very lucky to have this in my life. It is also not limited to the people who frequent the NAMM show. Concertizing is another way to connect and get to know Whisperings artists.

I have to thank David for making Whisperings a reality. It has truly changed my life. Connecting with Joe Bongiorno and Joe Yamada and rooming with them at my first NAMM show 4 years ago was also a life changer. At this moment, I am writing in a plane returning from an amazing 4 concert weekend in Texas with Michael Logozar and Kendra Springer. Kendra asked me which Whisperings artists I have played with and I started thinking about all the wonderful concert experiences I have had with so many talented Whisperings artists: David Nevue, Joe Bongiorno, Amy Janelle, Joe Yamada, David Lanz, Michele McLaughlin, Stanton Lanier, Philip Wesley, Gary Girouard, Scott D. Davis, Chad Lawson, Rebecca Oswald, Steven Cravis, Wayne Gratz, Greg Maroney, Tim Neumark, Kurt Bestor, Joseph Akins, Jace Vek, Rachel Currea, Michael Logozar, Kendra Springer and Jon Mutchler. Thank you all for doing what you do and for being who you are.

love peace happiness~

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