New Album – Solo Piano Fantasies

landon_solo_piano_fantasiesI am continuing to compose and record a lot of new music. After releasing five albums last year, I didn’t think I would still have so much music left in me. Fortunately, I no longer get writer’s block. I realize now that there is an unlimited supply of new music that is available. All I have to do is put myself in the right state of being and the music materializes! I am very grateful that this is happening! 

Solo Piano Fantasies is a collection of fourteen new pieces of music adding up to about 55 minutes of music. The plan is to release it in July. Not sure of the date yet.

The album was recorded at The Peace Palace, Sedona, AZ from March to May of 2018 on a Steinway B.

Music mastering: Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studio, Sedona, AZ

Cover photo: Louis Landon

Cover graphics:

CD Layout and Design: Louis Landon.

Louis Landon is a Steinway Artist

All Music published by Landon Creative, Inc. BMI

All music produced, arranged, composed & performed by Louis Landon.

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