Successful Spotify Experiment

For the past four months I have been releasing singles, one every two weeks, that would ultimately end up as the Heartfelt Solo Piano album. I released ten singles, one directly through Spotify. Today, with the release of “Heartfelt Solo Piano,” I checked my new album release on Spotify through the artist portal, and everything worked out. All of the singles that I had released, showed up on the album with all of the streams intact. This is a good reason to be sure that all ISRC codes are the same when releasing an  album containing previously released singles. Before doing this, I checked with Spotify and Tunecore to see if this was something that was going to work and they both said that it would. It was great to verify that their guidance was correct.

The one thing that I did immediately was to notify Spotify that I needed to pull the one single that I distributed through them. It is not possible to isolate the one single from the album and not have it distributed by Tunecore with the rest of the album. Going directly through Spotify with one of the singles was also an experiment. I thought that by going directly through Spotify, I might get some preferential treatment playlist wise or perhaps payment wise. Unfortunately, my experience with going through Spotify was not what I had hoped for. From calculations that I made through streams and payments on Tunecore, it appeared that I was paid less through Spotify. Also, that particular track didn’t do very well stream wise. It could have been that particular piece of music and there is no way to know for sure why it didn’t do very well. In any case, I am not going to go directly through Spotify again.

I am going to wait a while before pulling the ten singles from Tunecore distribution. There is no hurry really. I already paid for the year for those singles. One thing I am not sure of is whether a single that is on a playlist will stay there once it is pulled. I don’t have any way to verify that because two of the singles that were on Spotify playlists were temporary. One was on a classical playlist that featured new music and the other was on a jazz playlist of the same kind. Both were on and then off. None of the other singles that I had released were currently on a Spotify playlist other than radio, release radar or daily mix. I am going to keep an eye on those stats to see if anything changes as I systematically pull singles.

In two weeks I will begin releasing singles for my next album, Solo Piano Space Traveler.  I will try another experiment by picking up the pace and releasing a single each week. I have no idea if this will help me in any way, but I’m sitting on an album and I don’t want to wait four months to release it. At the same time, I want to maximize the use of Spotify in promoting singles. I don’t know how long I can keep up that up. Releasing a single a week will require a little more busy work. I’ll stay in radio contact.  😉


It is also available available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora Radio

Available for downloading at iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and CDBaby.


Recorded at the Peace Palace from November 2018 – January 2019

Music mastering: Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studio, Sedona, AZ
CD Layout and Design: Louis Landon
Cover design: Louis Landon
Cover, disc & back art: Louis Landon

Innocence 3:00
Sweet Honey 2:39
Yin and Yang 4:25
Sweet Sadness 4:10
Foreign Lands 4;02
Have No Fear 2:42
Epic World 3:41
Speak Your Truth 3:09
Resting in Grace 3:49
Remembering 3:18
Play 4:17
Viva 3:25
Day of Reckoning 4:35
Pure Joy- Live at Piano Haven 3:45


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2 responses to “Successful Spotify Experiment

  1. PianoJoe

    great stuff, thanks sharing Uncle Grampa! I think a few more single releases done straight to Spotify might give more “scientific” results : )

  2. You’re right about that Joe. But I’m not going to be the one to do it. 😉

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