Southwest Solo Piano – New album

Southwest Solo Piano was released on January 24, 2020.

This album was inspired by the amazing beautify that I have discovered while traveling around the Southwest. The way that I created the music on this album was by visualizing some of the most beautiful places and then improvising music based on the thoughts and feelings that came up. I ended up with about twenty pieces of music, which I narrowed down to fourteen of my favorites.
Recorded at the Peace Palace from July and August 2019.
Package design and photos: Louis Landon

It is also available available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora Radio

Available for downloading at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp..

Listen to samples here:

All music published by Landon Creative, Inc. BMI
All music produced, arranged, composed & performed by Louis Landon.

Music mastering: Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studio, Sedona, AZ
Cover photo: Louis Landon
Package design and photos: Louis Landon

Southwest Solo Piano Cover small 600

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