New Single – “So Beautiful”

So Beautiful Cover

“So Beautiful” is the first single from the upcoming Feel Good Piano album, and was released on September 4, 2020.

Recorded at the Peace Palace, Sedona, AZ on a Steinway B in June, 2020

It is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora Radio

It is also available for downloading at iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp

I have been writing music for 54 years. My guess is that I have written over 1,000 pieces in that time. “So Beautiful” feels like the most epic, emotional and all encompassing piece of music that I have written to date. It’s about life and all that being a human on the planet entails, including birth, love, a full life and leaving the body and the soul returning to pure energy at the end of the piece. I was channeling something very deep on this one. I am super happy with it. I hope you feel it!

Produced, arranged, composed & performed by Louis Landon

Published byLandon Creative, Inc. BMI

Louis Landon is a Steinway Artist

Music mastering by Michael McDonald, Syntharts, Eugene, OR

Cover photo and design by Louis Landon

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