August 2021 Newsletter

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Selling my Steinway B

Two New Singles

Free Sheet Music

The big news is that Christine and I moving.
We are leaving Sedona and will be heading for
New Mexico. We are not sure where in New
Mexico we will end up at this time. We are
into exploring New Mexico to find our spot.
We had a great eight year run in Sedona
but now it’s time to move on.

If you, or anyone you know, might have interest
in owning my Steinway B, it is currently for sale on
pianomart, pianobuyer and Ebay.

Stay well, stay safe!

Sending love, peace, joy, gratitude
and good health!

Released on July 30th

from the upcoming album
It’s a Good Life

Stream on
Spotify and Apple Music

Download on
Amazon iTunes Bandcamp

Even though the cover of this song appears technical and mechanical,
”Recalibration”  is really about heart and the ability to change. The key to
change is self observation and understanding. That observation and
understanding comes during quiet reflection and is represented in the song
by the simple chord voicings at the beginning, middle and end. The rest
of the song is made up of swinging jazz sections that represent everyday life.

Releases August 13th
from the upcoming album
It’s a Good Life

Sneak preview on
Bandcamp NOW!

The piece that is now called “Heartstrings” started out being called
“Hobbit Song”. It was really Frodo and Sam’s song and their incredible
journey. The music contains feelings of suffering, the strength of their beautiful friendship and Sam’s incredible loyalty to Frodo. The “Hobbit” title
morphed into “Heartstrings” upon multiple listenings of the piece.
The new title seemed to fit the music better.


Sunday, August 15th at 7:00 pm
Farewell Sedona Concert
 with the Louis Landon Trio
at Sound Bites Grill
Tickets are $10 – $80

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