June 2021 Newsletter

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New Cover Single

Upcoming Cover Single

New Hard Copy Book

We ended up having two road trips in the month of
May. One was in New Mexico and one was down to
Texas and through Austin, Lockhart, El Paso and Marfa.
We then went up through New Mexico to Las Cruces,
Truth or Consequences, Albuquerque, Placitas and Grants.

Here are some photos from that trip.




Stay well, stay safe!

Sending love, peace, joy, gratitude
and good health!

Released on May 14th

“Perfect” is my piano version of
a beautiful Ed Sheeran song.

Stream on Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora
Download at Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp

Releases June 18th

“Watermelon Sugar” is a cover
a song by Harry Styles.

This is my second cover from my recent recording session.
I don’t listen to pop or current music generally. But I heard
Harry Styles do this song on Tiny Desk and I knew that I had
to cover it. Great song! I slowed it down a little and it’s a
little darker now, but it still has a great vibe to it.

Sneak preview on Bandcamp


Nighttime Piano for
Relaxation and Deep Sleep

Order ebook – $20
Order hard copy book – $25
Order single sheets – $4.25


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