April 2022 Newsletter

It’s been a long time…

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One of our latest projects is creating a garden. Having a garden in the Southwest is much more challenging than having a garden on the East Coast. Back in New York, I used to have a 2,500 sq. ft. garden, with a greenhouse. One truckload of horse manure in early spring and the only challenge was keeping up with the weeds. Here in the Southwest, shade from the sun and protection from high winds is a priority. It’s also important to have a drip irrigation system. Water is scarce.  We love having a garden, not only for the fresh produce, but for the birds and other wildlife that it attracts.

Stay well, stay safe!

Sending love, peace, joy, gratitude and good health from New Mexico~

New Album
Popcorn Jazz Piano
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“Celebrate Earth”Listen
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This song is about the planet we live on. It’s a call to action to address climate change. There is hope and positivity in this song and it is my wish that humans on the planet hear the call and begin to live more sustainably and intelligently in order to keep our beautiful planet a place where we can all thrive peacefully and joyfully. In spite of all that is happening now environmentally and politically, I have to stay positive and have hope that we will persevere as a species.

Album of the Year!
2021 “HOLIDAY & SEASONAL” Calm and Peaceful
Christmas Piano
Gratitude to SoloPiano.com for this honor!

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