Louis Landon is a composer and Steinway artist. Formerly of New York and currently living in Sedona, Arizona, Louis has dedicated his life to music. His career has taken him around the world playing a variety of styles with some of the most recognized names in the entertainment industry. He toured nationally and internationally, playing classical music for Mikhail Baryshnikov; jazz fusion with The John Payne Band; Latin music with “Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers”; pop music with Rupert “Pina Colada Song” Holmes; and rock & roll with John Hall, opening for “Little Feat”.

Louis began playing the piano by ear at 4 years old and began lessons at 5. As a teenager, he played guitar and keyboard in bands and went on to study music at Stony Brook University, Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music.

For the past 32 years, through his production company, Landon Music Company, Louis has written and produced music for film, video, and commercials. He recorded his first original album, Love Songs & Jazz, in 1994 and has since released 41 Albums/CDs, on the LCI Record label. 34 of those albums/CDs are solo piano releases. His latest album, entitled It’s a Good Life, was released on September 17, 2021. He has just finished up his third Christmas album which is due out in November, 2021. It is entitled Calm and Peaceful Christmas Piano.

Louis Landon mission:

To create a more compassionate world by writing, recording and performing music that inspires love, peace, joy and gratitude.


“While some pianists are virtuosos in their playing and others may not be as technically proficient, but have great emotional content in their music, Louis Landon brings it all together with impeccable style and grace. His work covers diverse compositional terrain, incorporating influences of classical, new age, jazz, pop, and more in a mellifluous spectrum of moods and musical colors.”

“He has a gift for composition that is second to none.”   Zone Music Reporter

“… indeed meditative and mellow, [he] sacrifices no musical rigor to achieve those ends. With backgrounds in jazz, Latin music, rock, pop, film composing, and classical piano, Louis brings his breadth and depth of experience to bear here. His playing and compositions are sensitive as they are complex and… a diverse range of influences is more than apparent.” Keyboard Magazine


Louis Landon’s music has had over 144 million streams on Pandora radio!

Louis Landon’s music has had over 37 million streams on Spotify!

Thanksgiving Piano was nominated for Album of the Year 2020 by Whisperings Radio.

Departure – Solo Piano was nominated for Album of the Year 2017 by Whisperings Radio.

Healing Hearts 2 – Solo Piano won 2016 “Contemporary and Modern” Album of the Year at solo and was nominated for Album of the Year at Enlightened Piano Radio, also in 2016.

Healing Hearts – Solo Piano was nominated for Album of the Year at Whisperings Radio 2015.

Solo Piano for Love, Peace & Mermaids was nominated for Album of the Year at Whisperings Radio 2010.

Solo Piano for Peace was nominated for the 2009 ZMR Music Awards in three categories: Album of the Year, Best Instrumental Album – piano, and Best Cover Art by Zone Music Reporter. Solo Piano for Peace was listed at #30 of the top 100 albums for airplay in 2009 by Zone Music Reporter.

Peace Revolution! was Louis Landon’s 7th CD and 2nd solo piano CD. It was #7 on the NAR top 100 charts and was played on over 50 stations worldwide.

unwind charted at #3 of the top 100 cds for the month of February, 2006 on Zone Music Reporter’s website, playing on over 121 stations internationally.

* * *

Louis Landon is solo piano recording artist for peace. His music and solo piano sheet music, or piano sheets are available in hard copy books, e-book downloads, and single sheet downloads, by clicking on the store tab above.

4 responses to “Biography

  1. Bru

    Love the blog. Keep it up. It works.

  2. mylibrarycardworeout


    I am really glad that you accompany the choir at my school and it is really an honor to be working with you. When I first met you I thought that you were just a piano player that they brought in for the choir. But when I found out that you were actually well known in the music world, it was really exciting coming to choir. I also want to say how well you play. When you first came to my school I knew that you were really good because you could look at a piece of music and get every (or almost every) note on the page correct. You can also improvise on the spot. You are an exceptional person and it is an honor to know and work (in a sense) with you.


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