Solo Piano CDs

Healing Hearts 4 – Solo Piano               Released August 2018Healing Hearts 4 CDBaby swaure cover art copy 2

Solo Piano Fantasies               Released June 2018landon_solo_piano_fantasies

Keys for Peace – Solo Piano                Released April 2018Keys for Peace CD cover rev5 copy

Looking Beyond the Mirror                 Released December 2017Looking Beyond the Mirror final Kunaki cover

Peaceful Solo Piano Christmas 2         Released November 2017landon_christmas_disc_2017_cover 2

Classic Pop Rock Solo Piano                 Released July 2017ClassicPopRock Cover Kunaki

Departure – Solo Piano                Released April 2017departure_cover2

Soul Healing Piano Music                 Released January 2017reg_Soul Healing Cover rev 5

Healing Hearts 3- Solo Piano               Released October 2016Healing Hearts 3 cover art _ Kunaki spec

Ebb and Flow – Solo Piano               Released April 2016Ebb and Flow CD Package JPG_2

Healing Hearts 2 – Solo Piano               Released October 2015Healing Hearts 2 cover- high res (Kunaki specs) lighter

Walking the Plains & Other Solo Piano Stories     Released June 2015Image 2

Healing Hearts – Solo Piano       Released October 2014Healing Hearts cover- high res (Kunaki specs)

Healing Piano of Sedona for Massage, Yoga and Relaxation      Released March 2014Healing Piano of Sedona cover

Sedona on My Mind – Solo Piano     Released September, 2013Sedona complete CD Package_5

Ten Years –  A Peaceful Solo Piano Retrospective      Released May 2013Ten Years cover jpg

Peaceful Solo Piano from the Heart     Released October 2012Peaceful Solo Piano CD cover

Peaceful Christmas – Solo Piano       Released November 2011Peaceful Christmas

Solo Piano for Love, Peace & Mermaids      Released July 2010landon_mermaids_fron#9B28AB

Solo Piano for Peace       Released April 2009Solo PIano for Peace

Peace Revolution – Solo Piano       Released 20073.2mb peace_revolution

unwind – Solo Piano            released 2005unwind hi-res cover


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