New Single “We Give Thanks”

We Give Thanks cover small

“We Give Thanks” was released on March 27, 2020.

It is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora Radio

It is also available for downloading at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp

The inspiration for “We Give Thanks”: Gratitude! Every day on earth is a miracle. That we are alive in these bodies is cause for celebration and gratitude! How amazing is it that we have this life experience even in these very unusual and difficult times! Gratitude in every waking moment. Presence. I thought that having a piece called “We Give Thanks” was a great way to end an album called Thanksgiving piano. This piece came straight from my heart.

Listen to a sample here:

Produced, arranged & performed by Louis Landon.

Music mastering by Tim Jessup, Sedona, AZ
“We Give Thanks” mastering by Michael McDonald, Eugene, OR

Cover art and design: Louis Landon

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Southwest Solo Piano – New album

Southwest Solo Piano was released on January 24, 2020.

This album was inspired by the amazing beautify that I have discovered while traveling around the Southwest. The way that I created the music on this album was by visualizing some of the most beautiful places and then improvising music based on the thoughts and feelings that came up. I ended up with about twenty pieces of music, which I narrowed down to fourteen of my favorites.
Recorded at the Peace Palace from July and August 2019.
Package design and photos: Louis Landon

It is also available available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora Radio

Available for downloading at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp..

Listen to samples here:

All music published by Landon Creative, Inc. BMI
All music produced, arranged, composed & performed by Louis Landon.

Music mastering: Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studio, Sedona, AZ
Cover photo: Louis Landon
Package design and photos: Louis Landon

Southwest Solo Piano Cover small 600

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“Agave” New Single

Agave single cover small 600

“Agave” was released January 3, 2019. Recorded at the Peace Palace in June, 2019 on a Steinway B.

It is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora Radio

It is also available for downloading at iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp

“Agave” was inspired by the plant. Agaves have sharp marginal teeth, an extremely sharp terminal spine, and are very fibrous inside. The Native Americans used the agave in many ways. You definitely don’t want to bump into or fall onto one of those sharp terminal spines as they will easily puncture the skin. The beauty of the agave is when it flowers. Stalks shoot up from the middle of the plant and can be 10 – 30 feet high and have beautiful colored flowers. After flowering the agave dies.

Produced, arranged & performed by Louis Landon.

Music mastering: Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studio, Sedona, AZ

Cover art and design: Louis Landon

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Solo Piano Space Traveler Review

Solo Piano Space Traveler
Louis Landon
2019 / Landon Creative, Inc. 
45 minutes
Solo Piano Space Traveler is the third album pianist/composer Louis Landon has released in 2019 (he has released a fourth since then!) and is truly one of my favorites from this extremely prolific artist. A Steinway Artist who is also known as a Pianist For Peace, Landon has had a very rich history in a wide variety of music genres and has been a lifelong professional musician. He performs regularly in my house concert series, so I was able to see and hear him perform several of the pieces from this album just last month (and in the comfort of my own living room!). I love the easy-going, positive energy that flows through this music (even though that sounds like an impossible combination)!
Solo Piano Space Traveler begins with “Space Traveler,” a piece with a flowing, almost ambient right hand contrasted with rolling broken chords on the left. It’s fascinating how well it works to have one hand quite structured and the other more free to go wherever the music leads. “The Final Conversation” tells a colorful story without words. Some passages seem almost playful while the mood darkens and becomes more poignant as the piece evolves. “Idyllic” takes a more classical turn with a slow, graceful melody and feelings of serenity – gorgeous and so soothing! “Freedom” is a whirlwind of piano keys (and the fingers that play them!) with a “hidden” melody that emerges within that flurry. I’m sure the sheet music for this one would be very black! “Waltz Like There’s No Tomorrow” is another favorite. It begins at a medium tempo that gradually increases in speed and exhilaration, reminding us to live in the moment and “dance like no one is watching.” The quick broken chords in “Rolling Along” give it an energetic forward motion and yet the piece feels relaxed. “Easy Country Living” has a very “Americana” style that makes it easy to picture the open plains and a less-complicated lifestyle. “Hand In Hand” is a love song, pure and simple. The slower tempo expresses the peaceful contentment of being with someone you love. “Don’t Worry Little One” is played mostly on the upper half of the piano keyboard, offering gentle reassurance while expressing the innocence of a child. “Wandering” is another favorite with its easy rolling chords and tranquil mood. Love it! “New Day Celebration” has an infectious bluesy/gospel influence that just makes you feel good! “A Day in the Life” (not The Beatles’ song!) brings the energy level back up and ends the album with an expression of joy (and of trying to get everything done!).
I don’t know how long Louis Landon can continue to release four or more albums each year, but I’m sure enjoying his amazing output! Solo Piano Space Traveler is available from, Amazon, iTunes/Apple Music, CD Baby and many streaming sites. A great album!
Kathy Parsons

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Southern California Space Traveler Tour

SoCal Tour Poster 2020

We are heading out for a seven concert tour on January 10th. First concert is in Escondido, CA and the last concert is in Redlands, CA . In between concerts we are going to see family and friends in the Southern California area.

Here are the concert dates:

Escondido, CA
Sat. Jan. 11, 2020 – 3:00pm
Solo Piano Concert. This is a free concert.
Escondido Library, 239 South Kalmia St., Escondido, CA 92025.
Turrentine room on 2nd floor
Call  760.839.4684 to reserve your seat and for more information.
Library website

Mission Viejo, CA
Sat. Jan. 11, 2020 – 7:00pm
Cabaret Night
Tickets are $20
Buy tickets and register online
Norman P Murray Community Center, 24932 Veterans Way, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Call 949.470.8440 for more information.

San Diego, CA
Wed. Jan. 15, 2020 – 7:00pm
Solo Piano Concert. This is a free concert.
Carmel Valley Branch Library
3919 Townsgate Dr, San Diego, CA  92130
Call 858.552.1668 for more information and to reserve your seat.

Fallbrook, CA
Thurs. Jan. 16, 2020 – 7:00pm
Solo Piano Concert
This is a free concert.
Fallbrook Public Library  124 S. Mission Rd., 92028
Call 760.731.4656 for more information and to reserve your seat.

Oceanside, CA
Fri. Jan. 17, 2020 – 7:30pm
Rockin’ Solo Piano Concert with Scott D. Davis
Suggested donation $25
Reserve your seat here

Poway, CA
Sat. Jan. 18, 2020 – 6:30pm
Private House Concert

Redlands, CA
Sun. Jan. 19, 2020 – 7:00pm
Private House Concert

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Heartfelt Solo Piano Review

51 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons

Pianist/composer Louis Landon continues his incredibly prolific creative streak with Heartfelt Solo Piano, the second of four albums of new music released in 2019. Many of Landon’s albums are geared toward healing and are more meditative and soothing, but this one has a powerful range of emotions and dynamics. All but one of the fourteen tracks were recorded at The Peace Palace (Landon’s home studio in Sedona, Arizona) and the album was mastered by Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven, also in Sedona. One of the most accomplished pianists in the genre (in several genres, actually!), Landon can do absolutely anything he chooses at the piano and make it sound effortless and wonderful!

Heartfelt Solo Piano begins with “Innocence,” the perfect title for this gentle piece of musical tenderness. I sometimes wonder if anyone remembers what innocence is anymore, so this is a lovely reminder! “Sweet Honey” is light and carefree with a playful lilt. “Sweet Sadness” conveys the feeling of an honest and intimate conversation where both people are communicating from the heart. “Foreign Lands” is the first of several favorites. I love the energy of the rolling broken chords in the left hand, the somewhat exotic melody on the right and the shifts from major to minor chords throughout. “Have No Fear” cranks up the energy level several notches with a swirling melody built around a descending chord progression. “Epic World” is my favorite piece on the album. Passionate and dramatic, the themes vary from poignant to fiery and show what an amazing pianist Landon is. This one has a very big “wow!” factor as well as a ton of emotional expression. “Resting In Grace” is another favorite. Expressing compassion and hope with warmth and honesty, it feels like a loving hug. The gorgeous melody in “Remembering” says more than words ever could as it reaches into the soul with deep emotion – I love this one! “Viva” is a high-energy thrill ride that swirls and dances for joy. “Day of Reckoning” is much darker and more serious, as the title implies. “Pure Joy” is a piece recorded at a live performance and I suspect it’s an improvisation (Landon is a master of improvisation!). It moves effortlessly from smooth and easy to up-tempo gospel without batting an eyelash and, judging from the audience reaction at the end, it was obviously a real crowd-pleaser – AND a great way to end this excellent album!

Heartfelt Solo Piano is a winner from beginning to end! It is available from http://www.louislandon,com, Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and many streaming sites.

December 2, 2019
Heartfelt Final Cover-001

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Sedona Holiday Concert

Although I am known mostly as a solo piano artist, I love to play with my trio whenever possible. I am looking forward to this Holiday Concert coming up in two weeks at Sound Bites Grill. I hope all my Sedona people will attend.

Sound Bites Christmas rev 4

Holiday Concert with The Louis Landon Trio featuring Louis Landon – piano & vocals, Troy Perkins – Bass & Eddy Barattini – Drums

Tickets are $10 – $70

Get tickets online

Sound Bites Grill
101 N. State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336
Call 928.282.2713 for more information and to make reservations

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