Walking the Plains & Other Solo Piano Stories Pre-Release

By pre-releasing Walking the Plains & Other Solo Piano Stories, the CD made the itop charts at #45! Many thanks to all those who supported it!

Walking the Plains #45 on iTunes New Age Chart

It also made the first position when searching for classical solo piano on iTunes.

Classical Solo Piano iTunes search

and #5 when searching for new age solo piano

New Age Solo Piano iTunes Search

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Louis Landon, Joe Yamada and Michele McLaughlin

Friday, June 12, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (MST)


Order tickets via Eventbrite:


Michele McLaughlin: http://www.michelemclaughlin.com/
Joe Yamada: http://www.joeyamada.com/
Louis Landon http://www.louislandon.com/

Join pianists Louis Landon, Joe Yamada and Michele McLaughlin for an enchanting evening of music and storytelling as they tickle your musical funny bone and delight the senses with their passion for music.

Seating is limited to 100.
Doors open at 30 minutes before showtime.
There will be a CD Giveaway drawing at the end of the show.
CDs and Sheet Music will be available for sale.
There will be a meet and greet with the artists before and after the show, and during intermission.
Based on the nature of this event, please find care for small children.

This is a solo piano concert at a performance hall. Parking is available on the street and in the lot. Email michele@michelemclaughlin.com with questions.

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Latest Review of Sedona on My Mind

 November 25, 2013


Sedona On My Mind
Louis Landon

Among all contemporary pianists recommended, Louis Landon is a must listen.His compositions are dressed with an exquisite jazz touch, and what has become his trademark, and something that brings freshness to his music and art. Is not necessary to explain the title of the latest work of Landon, Sedona On My Mind. The grandeur of the place and the beauty of it impressed the artist, making each place, every moment, hiciese song, so this new album was born, a cheerful and brilliant work in which thirteen songs describe his trip to Arizona.

The part which names the CD is just at the touch, immense sensations. Resorting to the aforementioned touch of jazz, Landon takes a masterful performance, focusing on each note representing nostalgia remembering the moments lived in Sedona. The wealth of Sedona On My Mind is so great that the listener is able to experience the same emotions.

More friendly and personal, “Wide Open Spaces” shows the mystery of the great places of Sedona. The music flows with difficulty in some fragments, crescendo other briefly. “Wide Open Spaces” does see the insignificance of the individual in such splendid place.

Bright and playful melody in “Spring Has Sprung”. Quick Tips converge with style and force in this explosive composition that conveys optimism.

“Leave the Past Behind” is one of the great pieces that can be found in Sedona On My Mind. Landon’s hands show concern and melancholy, his right hand a worried tone, powerful music in the chorus, while his left wields dark notes, muffled in a bewildering tempo.

Dreaming of a perfect day, here’s “Beautiful Day”. The beauty of music is comparable to the rising sun of a new day. The romantic piece of music is formed of high notes played with care and a left hand that plays beautiful progressions.

Another major piece of the album is “Silent Movie”. Bereaved Hits low chords accompanying it will be a burst of energy and strength. Louis’s mastery is evident in this composition where courage increases every second.”Silent Movie” is like listening to two pieces join as surprising. Speechless …

A time to sit, relax and reflect. With “The Chair” opens a huge stage, inspiring. The perfect music to enjoy all the bombs that belleza nuestros the way, he tiempo park and give us a moment to nosotros mismos.

“Sailor’s Song” goes unnoticed. Although the music is not much positive to stand out from your notes.

Of all the tunes Sedona On My Mind, include “Sun on My Face”. The opening, which is also the refrain of the piece, is friendly but passionate at the same time. In “Sun on My Face” is expected as a percussion accompanist.It’s just a piano plays a simple melody. Never a melody was so intense.

Like “Sailor’s Song”, unattractive found in “Play in Seven”. In contrast to the rest of the tracks, we discovered an interesting melody or a technique that surprised.

A farewell made music, “Is This Good-Bye”. There are no more distressed than that created by the hands of Landon, giving the piano all the feeling of loss and desolation that pervades the artist’s own music. Play this music completely changes the mood. Unbelievable.

Sadness becomes melancholy “Sunday Musings”. All experienced, seen everything, sense everything is born from the piano keys, showing the feelings that invade the pianist, his reflections have soundtrack.

“Liberation” closes the album Jazz Beat. A perfect title for what they transmit their notes. Landon gets carried away and plays a carefree music, friendly, showing endless possibilities.

Grand piano found in Sedona On My Mind. It is always interesting and a pleasure for our ears to discover new parts of jazz / contemporary fusion of Master Landon. Sedona On My Mind is a live album, The Diary of a musician inspired by nature that allowed for some incredible love scenes, becoming one in music. Great job!.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! (in 5/4 time)

Cinco de Mayo

click on title to listen to song

Cinco de Mayo cover art
  • To come up with music off the top of one’s head is difficult enough, but to come up with something in 5/4 time really surprised me. Cinco de Mayo means the 5th of May and it’s the fifth track on the CD. I was really happy with that. I hope you like it.

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EWR > DEN – 37K feet

I have been thinking about my mission and how it is in need of revision. My mission changes as I change. The album I am working on is a retrospective. I am calling it “Ten Years of Peaceful Solo Piano.” It has what I consider to be my best work from my 6 solo piano albums. It took about 10 years to find my inner peace. My mission was (and still is) to create a more loving and peaceful world by writing, recording and performing music from the heart. It has served me well and I have served it well. Inner peace and outer peace in the world has been a worthy goal and mission. I will continue to promote peace, but additionally, I am looking to inspire people to live passionately and joyously. Wow, that’s it!! My mission is to inspire people to live passionately and joyously. My vehicle to do that is music, but I don’t think it’s necessarily the only way that I can inspire people to live passionately and joyously. I can do it through teaching and life coaching as well.

I have done work using Native American traditions and through that work, I discovered my animal name. My animal name was “Running Deer.” I stayed with that name for about 5 or 6 years. The name changed when I had an experience with my daughter when driving on a country road in the Catskill Mountains. We saw what seemed to be a large dog or deer in the road. It turned out to be a black bear. We got pretty close to it and I slowed the car and we looked at the bear and the bear looked at us. Then it slowly walked away into the woods. I felt a strong connection to that bear and felt that I needed to change my animal name. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the bear symbolizes transformation in the way that it goes into a cave to hibernate and comes out refreshed and reborn in the Spring. In a similar way, people can transforms themselves by looking into their darkest depths to truly know and understand who they are and why they do what they do. For a while my name was “Loving Bear.” It then became “Fearless Loving Bear.” Very recently it has changed again. My new animal name is “Joyous Super Star Bear.”

The joyous is pretty clear and in keeping with my new state of being and new mission. But why “Super Star”? When I am on the road traveling, performing, concertizing, teaching and meeting people, I am totally fulfilled. I am living my mission and I am joyous. I have taken to calling this joyous state my inner super star. I am successful. I am open. I am loving. I am loved. I am appreciated and I inspire people. It is an amazing feeling. What an amazing job I have! Then, when I go home, I can’t keep that same state of joyousness at the same level. I am doing busy work. Making calls. Washing dishes. Cleaning. What I needed to do was to bring my inner super star, that state, that feeling, to all the mundane activities in my life so that I could remain in the joyous elevated state. This also relates to the work that I do to be present always and everywhere; living in the moment. But it’s not just about being aware of my Higher Self in any given moment, it is about living passionately and joyously in any given moment. Yes, a tall order in the world that we live in, especially in the 21st century. But then again, it has always been difficult for anyone to live in the moment. And it always will be because it is not mechanical. It requires effort, desire and will.

I will be landing in Denver in one hour. Concert tonight in Denver. Day off tomorrow. Master Class in Improvisation in Boulder on Saturday afternoon. Concert in Boulder on Saturday night. House concert outside of Denver on Sunday afternoon. I can say that I’m looking forward to it, but when I say that I am looking forward to anything, I really don’t mean it. To derive a feeling in the moment for a future moment is not real. It’s nice to know that there are things coming up in the future that one enjoys, but trying to get a charge in the present out of events or activities that will take place in the future does not allow for getting the very most out of what this present moment has to offer.

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Friday, March 22nd – Mesa, AZ – Whisperings solo piano concert at My First Piano

Whisperings solo piano concert at My First Piano

Concert poster – tickets are general $15/students $10 in advance and $20/$15 at the door. Ticket link is: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/307670

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March 15, 2013 · 5:37 pm

Solo Piano Concert at Downtown Piano Works

Solo Piano Concert at Downtown Piano Works

Concert flyer

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February 17, 2013 · 12:48 pm